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  • Your Rights as a Renter in Tennessee

Your Rights as a Renter in Tennessee

Where can I find information on my rights as a renter?
There are a lot of local resources to help you make sure that you get your rights as a renter. Here are some places to go for information and help.

Call for Help
For information on your rights as a renter (and to get answers to housing-related questions), call the Housing Information Line at (423) 267-5223 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. or send an email to:
Go to the Housing Information Line's website for more information.

You can also call the Tennessee Human Rights Commission at 1-800-325-9664.

Read What You Need to Know
Get answers to common questions about dealing with your landlord.

Read RentWise!, a guide to all you need to know about renting in Chattanooga.
You can also pick up a copy of RentWise! from the City Office of Neighborhood Services at 1001 Lindsay St. in Chattanooga. Call (423) 757-5277 for information and directions.

Get information on rights of landlords and tenants in Hamilton County.

You can go to the main downtown, Chattanooga library to get a copy of the Tennessee Landlord and Tenant Act (which will tell you your rights as a renter) for 10 cents per page in the Local History Department. Ask for TN Code Annotated section 66-28-101. Call (423) 757-5301 for more information.

Can I get help if I'm having trouble with my landlord?
Get a list of local organizations that can help you work out your problems and make sure you're being treated fairly.

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