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Get Help Paying Your Utility Bills in Chattanooga

Depending on how much you make, you might be able to get help paying your utility bills. Contact each program directly for more information.

Energy Assistance Programs
With LIHEAP, you can get help with your energy bill if you qualify. Get information about LIHEAP.
Contact Chattanooga Human Services, which runs the LIHEAP program.

Weather-Proofing Your Home
You can get help making your home better for cold weather if you qualify. Find out about getting help weatherizing your home from the Tennessee Human Services website.
You can also call the main office of the Department of Human Services at (615) 313-4700, or call the Hamilton County office at (423) 634-6200 for more information.

Phone Bill Assistance Programs
Link-Up will pay half of the cost to install a new telephone service up to $30.00 if you qualify. Get more information about Link-Up.

You can save up to $13.00 a month on the local calls on your phone bill with the Lifeline program if you qualify. Get more information about Lifeline.

Get tips for saving money on your utility bills.


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